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Regulations proposed by the Chinese government for the countrys burgeoning smartphone market, already the largest in the world, are prompting concern from industry groups representing companies such as Apple Inc. and Google Inc.中国政府针对本国很快茁壮且已居于世界第一的智能手机市场建议书的监管法规引发代表苹果(Apple Inc.)、谷歌(Google Inc.)等公司的行业团体的忧虑。The draft law, for which the public-comment period ends this weekend, is the beginning of Chinas effort to regulate the fast-growing mobile-applications market and could force industry leaders to censor what applications they offer, build phones with China-mandated security requirements and include features that would help the government identify users.《关于强化移动智能终端进网管理的通报》(印发稿)公开发表印发的时间将要于本周末完结。这标志着中国开始采取措施监管较慢茁壮的移动应用于市场,并可能会强迫拒绝业内领头企业审查它们获取的应用程序,按中国安全性规范生产手机,并重新加入有助政府辨识手机用户的功能。Chinas Ministry of Industry and Information Technology says the proposed rules are designed to protect the personal information of smartphone users. Chinese media have reported that the regulation would target malicious software─common on cheap, unbranded smartphones in China-that can steal users personal information and incur charges by sending text messages.中国工业和信息化部说,这些建议书中的规定是为了维护智能手机用户的个人信息。


中国媒体曾报导,这部法规将压制有可能盗取用户私人信息、通过发送到短信产生费用的恶意软件。这类软件在中国价格便宜的无牌智能手机上非常少见。Industry groups say the effect on companies would likely be higher costs and slower growth in one of the most important markets for electronics suppliers. Apple sold two million smartphones in China in the first quarter, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. sold 7.8 million and Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. sold 1.5 million, according to Analysys International.行业团体指出,这些规定可能会导致企业成本增加,并使电子产品供应商在世界最重要的市场之一的增长速度上升。


据易观国际(Analysys International)的数据,今年一季度苹果在中国市场售出智能手机200万部,三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.)售出780万部,摩托罗拉移动公司(Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc.)售出150万部。The size of Chinas total smartphone market has more than tripled in less than three years, with 31.2 million smartphone devices sold in the first quarter, compared with just 7.2 million in the fourth quarter of 2009, Analysys says.将近三年时间,中国智能手机市场的总体规模就不断扩大了三倍还多。据易观国际的数据,今年一季度中国市场智能手机销量为3,120万部,相比之下2009年第四季度的销量才720万部。

The rapid adoption of new mobile devices and applications by Chinese consumers has outpaced authorities ability to regulate them. Chinas mobile-apps market currently is largely unregulated.中国消费者采纳新手机和应用程序的速度早已远超过了有关部门监管能力的提高速度。目前中国的移动应用于市场基本上正处于无监管状态。


The proposed measures mandate that handset makers ensure that preloaded apps and those made available through other means meet with Chinese laws in order to be licensed to sell the phones in China. That could mean companies would be forced to remove applications deemed offensive or antigovernment by China from devices and app stores offered on phones.印发稿规定,手机生产商要取得在中国市场出售手机的牌照,必需保证笔记本电脑的、或以其他方式获取用户加装的应用软件遵从中国法律。这意味著企业将不得不从手机上、从手机应用于商店中移除被中国视作有侮辱性或反政府的应用程序。The proposed law also says new phones must be made in accordance with Chinese standards. If new standards put forth by the government-guided China Communications Standards Association are approved, the law could force handset makers to cooperate with Chinas government to identify customers and track their app use.印发稿还规定,新手机必需按中国标准生产。如果政府指导下的中国通信标准化协会(China Communications Standards Association)制订的新标准获得批准后,建议书中的法规就有可能强迫拒绝手机生产商因应中国政府辨识用户身份并追踪他们对应用软件的用于。